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passion, precision and purpose

Crafting Events, One Detail at a Time: Our Story.

80+ years


Hello! I’m Gina, the heart behind Ghost Booth Events.

From the early days shadowing my father in the graphic arts and signage world to diving deep into Multimedia & Digital arts at Monash University, my path has always been directed by a blend of art and technology. My final university graduation project of a virtual jewellery try-on? A hint of the direction I’d later take. 

Years spent as a Graphic Designer were fulfilling, but there was a nudge pushing me towards something more personalised. 2015 marked a pivotal year with my first wedding invitation project, drawing me into the events industry. 

But the real game changer came in 2017. A simple online listing for a photo booth machine piqued my interest, and I decided to jump in, not realising it would define the heart of my business. 

2020; a challenging year for all, reshaped many things, including how we celebrate. With adaptability at our core, Ghost Booth Events pivoted to offer, safe, digital and virtual experiences without losing the essence of connection. 

To me; a photo booth isn’t just a photo-printing gadget. It’s a bridge, linking people with technology to create lasting, tangible memories. 

At Ghost Booth Events, our priority is giving you an unparalleled experience, rich in detail and aesthetics. Every event we’re part of is a testament to our dedication to creating beautiful memories. As you read our story, know that we’re eager to be a part of yours. We’re not just in the business of events; we’re in the business of making them unforgettable. 

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